Case studies database

Combining engagement, solutions journalism, transparency and trust to re-imagine elections coverage
Citizens AgendaEngagement JournalismTransparency & TrustSolutions Journalism
Using The Citizens Agenda model for political explainer videos through a national lens
Citizens AgendaEngagement Journalism
Creating opportunities for the public to share their information needs and shape coverage
Citizens AgendaEngagement JournalismTransparency & Trust
Using techniques designed to “complicate the narrative” and generate more useful, nuanced and complex candidate profiles
Good ConflictComplicating The NarrativesTransparency & Trust
Using trust and transparency techniques to help the public understand why and how they’re making decisions
Transparency & TrustEngagement Journalism
Using The Citizens Agenda, transparency and trust techniques alongside innovative distribution to help Pennsylvanians
Transparency & TrustCitizens AgendaEngagement JournalismDistribution Innovation
Flipping the model for candidate coverage to be voter-first
Citizens AgendaEngagement JournalismPartnership and Innovation
Using solutions journalism for reporting on problems that affect communities most impacted by injustices
Solutions Journalism
Using transparency techniques to increase trust in politics reporting
Partnership and InnovationTransparency & Trust