Case studies database

Santa Cruz Local: Listening to voters and holding politicians accountable
Combining engagement, solutions journalism, transparency and trust to re-imagine elections coverage
Citizens AgendaEngagement JournalismTransparency & TrustSolutions Journalism
Vox develops most successful crowdsourced campaign in site history
Using The Citizens Agenda model for political explainer videos through a national lens
Citizens AgendaEngagement Journalism
America Amplified: How Public Media met communities’ information needs around an election
Creating opportunities for the public to share their information needs and shape coverage
Citizens AgendaEngagement JournalismTransparency & Trust
Richland Source: Improving the script for tough political interviews
Using techniques designed to “complicate the narrative” and generate more useful, nuanced and complex candidate profiles
Good ConflictComplicating The NarrativesTransparency & Trust
The Texas Tribune: Explaining their mission and credibility behind coverage of democracy
Using trust and transparency techniques to help the public understand why and how they’re making decisions
Transparency & TrustEngagement Journalism
Spotlight PA: Putting Pennsylvania voters first 2022 midterm coverage
Using The Citizens Agenda, transparency and trust techniques alongside innovative distribution to help Pennsylvanians
Transparency & TrustCitizens AgendaEngagement JournalismDistribution Innovation
WBEZ: Deploying The Citizens Agenda for electorate-focused coverage
Flipping the model for candidate coverage to be voter-first
Citizens AgendaEngagement JournalismPartnership and Innovation
Prism: Reporting on solutions to racial gerrymandering
Using solutions journalism for reporting on problems that affect communities most impacted by injustices
Solutions Journalism
The Miami Herald: Explaining why and how a newsroom makes political recommendations
Using transparency techniques to increase trust in politics reporting
Partnership and InnovationTransparency & Trust