Hidden Tribes Project

civil society

The Hidden Tribes of America is a year-long project launched by More in Common in late 2018 to better understand the forces that drive political polarization and tribalism in the United States today, and to galvanize efforts to address them. The Hidden Tribes of America study forms the initial phase of the project. The Hidden Tribes project involves three streams:

  1. An intensive program of engagement with individuals and groups across the United States to discuss the findings of the Hidden Tribes of America study. This will be done online, through media, via briefings and convenings organized with partners. Central to these conversations will be finding ways to restore trust in each other and build connections that bridge across lines of difference.
  2. More in Common will engage with partner groups across the country to build pilots that test and further develop insights from the study, with the goal of formulating responses to the crisis of increasing polarization and social fragmentation. Partnerships will include a range of civil society actors including community organizations, service organizations, and advocacy groups.
  3. More in Common will release further research papers highlighting further insights from the study relating to specific issues of interest, such as American attitudes towards immigration and refugee policy. We also plan to partner with research institutions to undertake additional analysis of the large quantity of survey data.