Media 2070

news organization

What is Media 2070? A research essay detailing the history of U.S. media participation in anti-Black racism and harm. A growing consortium of media-makers and activists collectively dreaming reparative policies, interventions and futures. This work is an effort to radically transform who has the capital to tell their own stories by 2070 — 50 years from today. This work is an idea, welcoming critique and feedback. It is liberation work within a lineage of civil-rights activism, racial-justice organizing and calls for reparations. This work makes visible the ways in which the media have taken part in and supported state violence and harm against Black people. It seeks to highlight how the media can serve as a lever for racial justice — and underscore the repair and reconciliation necessary to build strong, free, democratic communities. To achieve full freedom and democracy, it’s critical to change entrenched media narratives about Black people. This is an attempt at that change — an attempt at creating a world that’s never existed.