Public Agenda

civil society

Public Agenda is a research-to-action nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining a stronger democracy. Through research, public engagement, and communications, we amplify public voice in institutional and government decision-making. The organization was founded in 1975 by the social scientist and public opinion research pioneer Dan Yankelovich and former secretary of state Cyrus Vance. We have a wealth of pro-democracy research for Summit participants. Two of note include our Hidden Common Ground (HCG) initiative, as well as out Healthier Democracies project. HCG is a research initiative centered around cutting through the media narrative that we're hopelessly divided. Through survey and focus group research, we have a wealth of data across subject matter on where Americans agree on a path forward. We have specific journalism-focused work from June this year: and Healthier Democracies is an international set of case studies, wherein our team identified democratic best practices from around the world to gather and share back here in the United States: