Word In Black

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A groundbreaking collaboration of the nation’s leading Black news publishers.

Our Mission:

Word In Black promises to confront inequities, elevate solutions and amplify the Black experience by reporting, collecting, and sharing stories about real people in communities across our country. We believe that by joining forces and providing a platform to examine these experiences in one place, we can shape how the nation understands and addresses systemic issues of race, justice, and equity. It is through collective understanding that we bring about collective impact.

Our Vision:

We have a bold vision: to be the most trusted news and information source for, about, and by Black people. However, we invite everyone invested in Black people’s futures — whether you’re Black or not — to join us on this journey and make this work possible.

Our History:

Word In Black was founded on June 7, 2021. In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, 10 of the nation’s leading Black publishers — including AFRO News, The Atlanta Voice, Dallas Weekly, Houston Defender, Michigan Chronicle, New York Amsterdam News, Sacramento Observer, Seattle Medium, St. Louis American, and Washington Informer — came together to launch a news collaborative unlike any other in the industry.

They realized that the voice of Black America needs to be amplified and elevated not just locally but nationally. Our publishers saw what was happening in the United States as a call to action — one which the Black press has answered since the founding of the first Black newspaper, Freedom’s Journal, in 1827. To bring Word In Black to life, the publishers connected with the Local Media Association, which champions collaboration and helps local media companies discover new and sustainable business models.

Our Work:

On the Word In Black website, we publish content from our 10 partner publications, content produced by the editorial team at Word In Black, as well as op-eds from thought leaders and practitioners in the community.

Our journalists report the truth about Black America and frame the narrative, so that our leaders, activists, family members, and neighbors can have their stories accurately told. Through our work, we build understanding of racial inequities and the solutions being created by individuals, institutions, and community organizations who are plugged into the Black community.

Who Is Word In Black For?

If you’re committed to racial justice and interested in reporting that amplifies the stories, voices, and perspectives of Black America, Word In Black is for you.

We welcome everyone interested in addressing racial inequities in the United States to sign up for our weekly newsletter. The newsletter features reporting from the Word In Black team, guest op-eds, opportunities to take action, and stories of interest from around the country.